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DIG IN strategic partnership will offer new tools for NEETs outreach and engagement (via ICT & digital mentoring) and personal development (using collaborative learning and networking) to increase their possibility for employment and social inclusion. Our project proposes a program that addresses the personal development of NEETs, focusing especially on building their motivation for participating in society and contributing to the labour market, increasing their confidence as citizens, while enhancing employability skills using entrepreneurship as an activator for interest and using new ICT based strategies to get in touch with others.

about the project


With the dynamically changing world of the working environment driven by technological advancement and global connectivity, youth remain confronted with a multifaceted employment challenge which includes unemployment, under-employment, and low job quality, as well as working poverty, job insecurity and long transitions to stable and satisfactory employment.


These challenges are also connected with the issues related to engaging NEET youth and the one disconnected by society and the offering of more outreach strategies better suited for the so-called “digital natives”.

The online/off-line individual and group activities will enable to build up life skills and basic knowledge to perform informed choices regarding further education, their training, employment and most of all civic participation, and enabling them to overcome barriers to participation in different spheres of their lives.

The project will start with equipping educators with more sophisticated ICT skills and tools, to allow them to define the best blends among on/off-line, individual or group activities, and allowing participants to control their own timing and schedule.


As there is no single method that works best to reach, engage and motivate young NEETs, different channels should be used depending on the specific group targeted using also different types of media including social media.

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